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Anna Magnus buy glass dishes, Bukowski plush toys & Gmundner ceramics in the porcelain shop-aix

Are you looking for fine porcelain, high-quality glass dishes or high-quality Gmundner ceramics? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our porcelain shop aix. Our range also includes Mea Living cups, tableware from Maxwell & Williams and Bukowski plush toys. You will also find a wide range of glass, gifts, dishes and accessories. You can search for a desired product directly by manufacturer and you will also see the shop’s top sellers. For example, if you want to buy glass dishes from Anna Magnus by Boehm Design or Gmundner Keramik, you will find a large selection of products here.

Porzellanshop-aix – designer tableware in glass and more

We offer dishes, glasses, gifts, accessories and many other items in our online shop. You will find, for example, stylish ceramic mugs, tasteful coffee-to-go mugs, round & colorful glass plates, bowls and other original, noble and high-quality items. You will find unique and wonderfully designed items by Anna Magnus and you can buy stylish Gmundner ceramics – also great as decoration.

Gmundner Keramik is hand-painted and 100 percent from Austrian production. The ceramic from Austria is not only hand-painted, but is also lovingly crafted by hand. This creates unique articles with a distinctive design. Gmundner Keramik is timeless and elegant. Strong colors that contrast with the radiant white make, depending on the model, another specialty of Gmundner ceramics. Austrian ceramics appear lively and soft in their forms. When you buy Gmundner Ceramics, you receive hand-painted items that are made with love.

Bukowski plush toys

Plush toys are popular with young and old. We offer you soft and cuddly plush toys from Bukowski in the online shop. For example, you have the choice between plush bears with a cozy blanket, teddy bears, plush toy Foxy in different designs, plush bunnies, comforter elephant or bear and other cuddly items. Bukowski plush toys are of high quality. Bukowski’s product repertoire also includes baby music boxes, bookmarks, comforters and pendants. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of products and the large selection of Bukowski plush toys in our shop.

Anna Magnus Design Line by Boehm Design – Decorative glass dishes

The design line by Anna Magnus by Boehm Design impresses with its harmonious and idiosyncratic shapes and colors. The design line of the glass tableware consists of harmonious combinations of materials, colors and shapes. The round glass tableware is available in a wide range of variants and different colors. With the “Plato” series, for example, you can choose between Taupe, Waterlily, Edelweiss, Rhino, Curacao and other interesting colors. Anyone looking for elegant and harmoniously designed glass dishes should take a look at the design line.

Comprehensive selection at affordable prices

You can not only buy Bukowski plush toys, glass dishes or Gmundner ceramics – we offer a wide range of products in our online shop, which for example consists of fine porcelain items and a wide range of accessories. In the Accessories category you will find egg cups, tea caddies, tea towels, salt and pepper shakers and other interesting items.

If you browse the Manufacturers section, you can find the products of well-known tableware manufacturers. Regardless of whether you are looking for fine porcelain tableware or household goods made of glass, let yourself be inspired by the wide range of products in our online shop. If you are looking for something very specific, for example a specific Bukowski plush toy eor a specific design piece from the Anna Magnus by Boehm Design design line, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and can refer you to the piece you want. Are you looking for a specific ceramic item and would you like to buy Gmundner Keramik? Then we can also help you. If an article cannot be found in the online shop, please contact us – our team will be happy to help you competently and to advise you in detail.